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Who we are

More Quality, More Value.

Some of our history

Increase of production capacity, with quality, productivity and focus on customization are the value propositions that underlies the relationship among Valorem and its clients.

Beyond counting on a highly qualified operations team, with experience in excellence in the process of corn seed processing, Valorem adopts internal procedures that guarantee to the sowings the compliance of internal controls. We strive to make our clients feel “at home” through the use of the most modern technologies promoting high performance in the materials we work with.

Inspired by its roots of more than 20 years of tradition in providing customized services for agribusiness, with the history of Transgraos, and based on the principles of pioneering and daring with great courage to undertake, integrating the group of Vertical companies, Valorem is the first company in Brazil to dedicate itself to providing services of corn seed processing.

With a master plan that contemplated the construction of its first unit in the city of Paracatu - MG in 06 stages, with completion scheduled for 2025, Valorem began its activities on June 3, 2013 with the construction of the first stage. In September 2014 entered into full operation of climatized storage and fumigation of seeds and in June 2015 began its primary activity: the beneficiation.

In September 2016, the construction of its second stage began, the seed sizing tower, with the start of operations in March 2017.

The commitment and seriousness with which Valorem prioritizes its value proposition has earned it a higher demand than the service capacity, which made possible the decision of anticipation of the remaining phases of the master plan. The construction of the second receiving / processing line began in February of the same year and entered into full beneficiation operation at the end of November of that year, 2017.

In May, also 2017, construction of the three and four receiving /processing lines and the other climate-controlled warehouses began, totaling five warehouses with a total storage capacity of up to 1.2 million bags. These phases came into operation in mid-May 2018. The master plan foreseen for 2025 has already been completed, making Valorem the largest corn seed receiving plant in Brazil and the second in South America, with capacity of receiving / processing of 28,800 tons of gross raw material per month, which corresponds to 520,000 bags of seeds. Already in the stage of classification, treatment and bagging the current capacity is 200,000 bags per month.

We at Valorem, understand that partnerships are fundamental to the solidity and credibility of our business. And we prepare each task, each process, each person and the whole, entirely focused on the timely demand of our client, who to us, is a true partner. Ethics, trust and assertiveness are the pillars for this association relationship.


What we do:

Valorem offers the following services:

  • Corn seed processing: ear corn receiving, husking, handsorting, drying, shelling, pre-cleaning, storage, processing chemical treatment, packaging;
  • Climate Controlled Storage: controlled temperature of 10°C and relative humidity of 45% to 55%;
  • Seed Fumigation.


Our Mission

Being recognized as a company that creates value to the seed market, by offering a fast, safe, competitive, cutting edge and reliable service.

Our Vision

Conquer market share, enabling the Master Plans completion by 2025.

Our Values

  • Transparency and ethics, respect to yourself, to the employees, clients and suppliers;
  • Meritocracy, seeking excellence through people, our greatest asset;
  • Focus on Clients and the best results to its business;
  • Respect to patrimony, promoting financial sustainability;
  • Costs efficiency;
  • Effectiveness based on efficiency;
  • Professionalism, based on seeking knowledge and innovation;
  • Punctuality and reliability;
  • Organization, honor and integrity in every partnership;
  • Commitment to the employees, visitor, suppliers and partners safety;
  • Environmental responsibility in favor to a better world.