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Corn Seed Processing

Receiving Operations: The receiving is made by Ear Corn Intake machines (2 equipment per line for more agility). The husking through A&K equipment, containing 16 lines inclination system, advance trough and auto-reverse rolls. The sorting by Ear Sorter equipment, demanded by the sorting table; SinglePass Dryers (one vent/burner per chamber). Details as drying temperature and others operational procedures area defined by the client, which we follow strictly. Huskers Custom Seed/AEC HS88/3SC3000 Huskers with coupled pre-cleaning and K-Obiol/Actellic treatment.

Following, the MATERIAL is storage in seed silos, enclosed with aeration and individual thermometry per silo, purposed to grain transportation and/or Big Bag availability.

Grading, Treating and Packing Operations: The process is made initially by a Delta 107-CIMBRIA pre-cleaning, a B5-Sanmak Buhler Color Sorter, 612, 412 and 212 (6, 4 and 2 cylinders) Carter Day tube graders, HSR6010 and 4010-CIMBRIA trieurs, GA310 and 110-CIMBRIA, MaxiCap 3600Platinum and Voyager GVX1050-OLIVER gravity tables, two independent treating lines composed by 5-dosage line each CC150/CC250-CIMBRIA treaters, auto double-weighing-TOLEDO packers, MATISA and WAIG sewers, directly bag VIDEOJET printers, palletizing and StretchFilm wrap palletizing and loading (on wheels).

Control and automation levels: all of our manufacturing process are mapped and controlled by electronic equipment, where the operations approval is done through this equipment using a directly interface to the control room. The whole process ensures 0% contamination risk.