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Seed Fumigation

Defined by the client particularities, we provide seed fumigation, in warehouses designated exclusively to this end, with the static fumigation capacity of 100 thousand bags, consisting the following sequence:

  1. After receiving the material to be expurgated, we make the assembly of the structure to fumigation, through the placement of own tarpaulins, then applying the Aluminum Phosphate pellets, and sealing the space though sand snakes;
  2. The material deposited in fumigation will remain for 4 days resting, or as determined by the client. In sequence, we will wok on the demobilization of the fumigation structure and the conclusion of the services.

Valorem Obligations to the quality of Service Provision:

  1. Comply with standards required by the client, regarding the amount of Aluminum Phosphide to be used in the process, as well as the period in which the material should remain at rest;
  2. Ensure the proper safekeeping and security of the material deposited in our facilities during the purging process.